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HUMANS Season 3 Trailer, Promos, Featurettes and Images


The third season of the sci-fi series "Humans" premiered on AMC on June 5, 2018, after airing on Channel 4 in the U.K. in May. The show explores a parallel present where Synths, highly-developed robotic servants made to look exactly like a human, have become the norm. The new season is set a year after the end of the second season, as a fragile peace between the humans and the synths is threatened by aggresive factions within the synths.

"Humans" stars Gemma Chan, Katherine Parkinson, Lucy Carless, Tom Goodman-Hill, Ivanno Jeremiah, Theo Stevenson, Pixie Davis, Colin Morgan and Emily Berrington.

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"We return to the HUMANS world exactly one year from the mass Synth awakening that concluded Series 2. Known now as Day Zero, the effect of Mattie Hawkins’ decision to upload the code was immediate and catastrophic. Almost five hundred million Synths could suddenly think and feel and over one hundred thousand humans lost their lives.

Against the turmoil of the Synths, the Hawkins struggle to put past events behind them as they settle into life as a separated family. Laura runs her own law firm, specialising in Anomalous Synth protection, but progress is slow. At home, Mattie is fraught with guilt at the number of deaths she caused by uploading the code. Toby and Sophie visit their dad, Joe, in Synth free town Waltringham where he runs a local grocers, but a lonely Joe begins to question his decision to live apart from his children.

Pretending to be human, Niska and Astrid live together in London with Astrid working at a small bar where both Synths and humans are welcome. Niska operates under the guise of a human – a bone of contention for Max who feels she has abandoned the Synth cause. However, when Astrid’s bar is targeted by an act of terror, our humans and Synths are once again brought together to deal with the political fallout.

Economically and politically, the world is back on a stable – if fragile – footing. The synth workforce has been replenished, the economy recovering with it, and life in most places seems pretty much back to normal. To distinguish new, unconscious, “safe” synths, their eyes have been made orange. “Green Eyes” have become something school children are taught to fear and distrust.

The UK’s anomalous ‘Green-eyes’ are mainly confined to government containment areas with limited resources and minimal protection. It is in one of these containment areas known as “the Railyard” where we find Max, Mia and Leo. Appointed as leader, Max struggles to keep Synths alive with dwindling supplies and government controlled power cuts. Leo is in a coma after Hester’s brutal attack, but all his Synth parts have been removed – he is human! Mia is regarded as the ‘face’ of the Synths, handling any media correspondence, but as public interest in their plight wanes, she realises that she has to change her strategy.

Alongside our familiar heroes we meet Anatole and Agnes, both representing different sides of the railyard. Anatole, a former courtesan synth, now carries out synth repairs. A synth who has found his own brand of faith he is a constant source of support and advice to Max. Agnes, on the other hand, has become angrier and angrier with the way Max is running the railyard and is on the verge of rebellion before she’s given her own special mission to undertake.

Laura reconsiders an offer to join The Dryden Commission, a special Government body put together to establish what is to be done with Synths in the UK. In doing so she’s given an “Orange Eyed” Synth, Stanley, as domestic help and security detail. At first she refuses to let Stanley into the house but she soon comes to realise that, like Anita, he is a valuable asset to her family. At The Dryden Commission Laura meets Dr Neil Sommer, an intriguingly charming scientist with whom Laura develops a strong personal connection.

Max becomes increasingly isolationist at the Railyard, fuelling the flames of fiery rebel Synth, Agnes. Mia steps up her campaign for integration becoming the beacon for Synth-Human equality.

While Astrid recovers in hospital, Niska is determined to punish those responsible. But as she comes closer to the truth, a mysterious force sends her a message and she starts to believe she should change course and go after something or someone else…

Leo wakes from his coma, and Mattie helps him adjust to his new life as a human. Joe discovers Karen and Sam living in secret in Waltringham – missing his family; he bonds with them, helping Karen as she struggles in her new role as a parent.

As Mia and Laura’s campaigns accelerate, public opinion begins to change, and Max softens his isolationist approach. However, a snake in his midst, who resents this progress, threatens not only Max but all those he holds dear when a second terrorist attack takes place in central London.

Before long, dark forces of hate are descending upon the Synths and they are forced to fight for their lives.

Meanwhile Niska’s journey unveils a new destiny for Synths – is there a promise of a new future on the horizon, and if so, why are Mattie and Leo linked to it?"

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