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New Games: UNDER THE YOKE (PC) - 2D Medieval Peasant Life-Sim

Under The Yoke New Game Pc Steam

Video Game Description: Under The Yoke is a 2D medieval peasant life-sim. Make your mark in the Domesday book as you control a family of serfs through 250 years of English history. Cultivate your lands, craft goods and hone your reputation as you navigate the tumultuous Middle Ages. Your family’s future is yours to shape!

Genre: 2D, Simulation, Farming, Life Sim

Publisher: Priory Games

Developer: Priory Games

Rating: N/A

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  • Step back in time and embark on a remarkable journey through the heart of Norman England, spanning over 250 years of fully realised Medieval English history.
  • Begin your humble life as a lowly serf playing your own custom character. Armed with just an acre of land, a ramshackle cottage, and enough provisions to survive winter, your quest for prosperity begins.
  • Guide your family through the Middle Ages, from one generation to the next. Each character boasts distinct personalities, needs, and skills, and it's your duty to oversee every facet of their lives, from their livelihoods to their social circles and even their daily sustenance.
  • Every character possesses three defining traits—Mind, Body, and Spirit—that dictate their compatibility with others, preferred activities, and unlock unique event options. Choose wisely, as each trait brings both advantages and disadvantages, impacting their daily toil and needs.
  • Keep your characters content and productive by attending to their essential needs:
  • Satisfy their Taste with over 50 authentic medieval ingredients.
  • Grant them Rest, allowing them precious respite from their laborious routines.
  • Nurture their Faith through immersive Middle Ages church experiences.
  • Foster their Social connections by participating in genuine medieval social gatherings and building lasting bonds with fellow villagers.
  • Surviving in the Middle Ages demands a diverse skill set. Master the arts of Farming, Herbalism, Cooking, Husbandry, Carpentry, and Tailoring as you engage in the myriad tasks of a medieval peasant's life. From plowing fields to shearing sheep, there's always work to be done, though the season and the changing value of goods will keep you on your toes.
  • While you focus on your family, the village thrives around you. Forge friendships, pursue romance, and interact with your neighbours. But beware, as rival families vie for elections and jury seats. Consider forging alliances to collectively prosper.
  • Life as a peasant extends beyond the fields. Enhance your cottage and garden with handcrafted furniture that can elevate the value of your goods, whether for personal use or lucrative market sales. If space becomes a constraint, negotiate with your Lord for a larger cottage or garden to accommodate more furniture.
  • Farming entails more than just crops—farm animals provide vital resources. Purchase and breed cows, horses, goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens, each with their own unique needs and benefits. Opt for the strength of an ox or the speed of a horse, or reap the rewards of wool from sheep and the fertiliser from pigs.
  • Revive the age-old Hallmote tradition—an annual gathering of villagers to address legal disputes and elect local officials. Dive into the realm of politics, with rewards for winning elections and voting for allies. Your male family members might also be summoned for jury duty during village disputes.
  • Negotiate your feudal dues and responsibilities with your Lord. From farmland to meadowland, your home to your garden, all aspects of your life are open to negotiation. As a serf, you'll toil on your Lord's demesne or face fees, but earning their respect could pave your path to freedom. Rise to a freeman status and expand your rights, from baking your own bread to hunting in the forests. Under The Yoke intricately replicates the medieval rights system.
  • Immerse yourself in medieval England's vibrant tapestry through a dynamic event system, featuring hundreds of unique events that ensure every play-through remains fresh. From social intrigues to attending church, your choices shape your family's legacy throughout the ages.
  • Experience history like never before as your characters respond to the pivotal events of their time. With our dynamic event system, we weave 250 years of history from 1085 to 1335 into your personal narrative, enabling you to walk in the shoes of the common man as the world evolves around you.



    • OS: Windows 7





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