Monday, March 27, 2023

New Soundtracks: PARADE - 2023 BROADWAY CAST RECORDING (Jason Robert Brown, Ben Platt, Micaela Diamond)

Jason Robert Brown
Ben Platt
Micaela Diamond

Total Time:

Interscope Records

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Release Date
March 24, 2023

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1. Prologue: The Old Red Hills of Home (Charlie Webb, Howard McGillin, Parade Cast) (6:43)

2. The Dream of Atlanta (Parade Cast) (0:33)

3. How Can I Call This Home? (Parade Cast) (2:42)

4. The Picture Show (Jake Pedersen, Erin Rose Doyle) (2:00)

5. Leo at Work / What Am I Waiting For? (Parade Cast) (3:06)

6. Interrogation Sequence (Eddie Cooper) (1:38)

7. Funeral Sequence: There is a Fountain / It Don't Make Sense (Jake Pedersen, Parade Cast) (5:39)

8. Real Big News (Jay Armstrong Johnson, Jackson Teeley, Florrie Bagel, William Michals, Beth Kirkpatrick, Parade Cast) (3:16)

9. You Don't Know This Man (2:21)

10. The Trial: Hammer of Justice (Manoel Felciano, Parade Cast) (2:01)

11. Twenty Miles from Marietta (Paul Alexander Nolan) (1:13)

12. The Factory Girls / Come Up to My Office (Erin Rose Doyle, Sophia Manicone, Emily Rose DeMartino, Ashlyn Maddox) (4:59)

13. Minnie's Testimony (Manoel Felciano, Danielle Lee Greaves, Paul Alexander Nolan) (1:11)

14. My Child Will Forgive Me (Kelli Barrett) (2:18)

15. That's What He Said (Alex Joseph Grayson, Parade Cast) (3:32)

16. It's Hard to Speak My Heart (2:56)

17. Closing Statement & Verdict (Parade Cast) (2:23)

18. Act Two Prelude (Manoel Felciano, Parade Cast) (1:00)

19. A Rumblin' and a Rollin' (Douglas Lyons, Courtnee Carter, Eddie Cooper, Danielle Lee Greaves) (3:31)

20. Do It Alone (2:18)

21. Pretty Music (Sean Allan Krill) (2:40)

22. The Glory (Howard McGillin, Paul Alexander Nolan) (3:35)

23. This Is Not Over Yet (2:52)

24. Blues: Feel the Rain Fall (Alex Joseph Grayson, Parade Cast) (4:01)

25. Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes? (Manoel Felciano, Paul Alexander Nolan, Parade Cast) (3:28)

26. All the Wasted Time (4:56)

27. Sh'ma (0:30)

28. Finale (Jake Pedersen, Parade Cast) (3:17)

Parade 2023 Broadway Cast Recording


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