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New Album Releases: A BETTER LIFE - COMPLETE CREATIONS 1984-1991 (Biff Bang Pow!)

Biff Bang Pow!


Total Time:
5 Hours, 54 Minutes

Record Label:
Cherry Red

Purchasing Links:
CD, Apple Music

Release Date
May 27, 2022

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1. There Must Be a Better Life

2. Lost Your Dreams

3. Love and Hate

4. The Chocolate Elephant Man

5. Waterbomb!

6. Colin Dobbins

7. Wouldn't You?

8. A Day Out with Jeremy Chester

9. Fifty Years of Fun

10. Then When I Scream

11. The Chocolate Elephant Man [Alternative Mix - Extra Intro]

12. In the Afternoon [Early Version]

13. Then When I Scream [Different Longer Version]

14. Lost Your Dreams [Demo]

15. I'm Okay Me [Demo]

Disc 2

1. Someone Stole My Wheels

2. Love's Going out of Fashion

3. She Never Understood

4. He Don't Need That Girl

5. She Shivers Inside

6. The Beat Hotel

7. The Happiest Girl in the World

8. If I Die

9. Five Minutes in the Life of Greenwood Goulding

10. The Whole World Is Turning Brouchard!

11. It Makes You Scared

12. Sunny Days

13. He Don't Need That Girl [Early Version]

14. Back to the Start

15. I Need Optimism

16. She's Gone Away

17. Inside the Mushroom

18. It Happens All the Time [Alan Vocal Version]

19. In the Afternoon

20. The Death of England

21. The Beat Hotel [Alan Vocal Version] [Different Mix]

22. It Happens All the Time [Demo] [Christine Vocal Version]

23. She Went Away to the Love [Demo]

24. The Beat Hotel [Demo] [Christine Vocal Version]

Disc 3

1. In a Mourning Town

2. There You Go Again

3. 7 Seconds

4. A Girl Called DeStruction

5. She's Got Diamonds in Her Hair

6. The Only Colour in This World Is Love

7. Baby Sister

8. Then When I Scream

9. I See the Sun

10. I'm Still Waiting for My Time

11. She's Got Diamonds in Her Hair [Demo]

12. She Never Understood [Alternate Version]

13. Fifty Years of Fun [Almost Live Version]

14. The Chocolate Elephant Man [Live]

15. In a Mourning Town [Live]

16. She's Got Diamonds in Her Hair [Live]

17. 7 Seconds [Live]

18. Love's Going out of Fashion [Live]

19. Love and Hate [Live]

20. There Must Be a Better Life [Live]

21. Fifty Years of Fun [Live]

22. A Girl Called DeStruction [Live]

23. Colin Dobbins [Live]

24. Waterbomb! [Live]

25. She Never Understood [Live]

Disc 4

1 . Miss California Toothpaste 1972

2. She Haunts

3. Searching for the Pavement

4. She Paints

5. Close

6. Ice Cream MacHine

7. Electric Sugar Child

8. Dark in Mind

9. Startripper

10. She Went Away to the Love

11. The Beat Hotel [12" Version] [Christine Vocal Version]

12. It Happens All the Time [12" Version] [Christine Vocal Version]

13. She Kills Me

14. The Girl from Well Lane

15. Baby, You Just Don't Care

16. If You Don't Love Me Now You Never Ever Will

17. Someone to Share My Life With

18. Religious

19. Hug Me Honey

20. Victoria Appletree Loves Christopher Jones (She Haunts) [Take 1]

Disc 5

1. My First Friend

2. Miss You

3. I'm Burned

4. Song for a Nail

5. She Saved Me

6. You Just Can't Buy Satisfaction

7. Sad Eyes in Velvet

8. Guilt Ridden

9. Lovers

10. Baby You Just Make Me Strong

11. Sleep

12. Long Live Neil Young and All Who Sail in Him

13. In Bed with Paul Weller

14. Everybody Wants to Divorce Her

15. Jean Michel Pow

16. I Hope You Burn

17. You Just Can't Buy Satisfaction [Demo]

Disc 6

1. Sometimes I Wish

2. Chips for Tea

3. Upstairs Downstairs

4. I'm Okay

5. Participate!

6. Wouldn't You?

7. Precious Feeling

8. Celebration

9. Instinct [Demo]

10. My Judgement Day [Demo]

11. Where I Take My Pleasure [Demo]

12. Weekend World [Demo]

13. Wouldn't You? [Demo]

14. She's Boxed In [Demo]

15. Fifty Years of Fun [Demo]

16. I Still Look for Her (Then When I Scream) [Demo]

17. All I Want [Demo]

18. You Still Lost Your Dream (Lost Your Dreams) [Demo]

Biff Bang Pow A Better Life Complete Creations 1981 1991


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