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New Soundtracks: THE NINTH PASSENGER (Scott Glasgow)

Scott Glasgow

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Howlin Wolf Records

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August 21, 2018

Find more about the soundtrack (previews, track list) after the jump.

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Product Description: Available as a limited pressing of 300 CDs, Howlin' Wolf Records and Fourteen Kings Music proudly present Scott Glasgow's score for The Ninth Passenger. A tale of industrial espionage that morphs into a good old fashioned monster movie, The Ninth Passenger is co-written and directed by Corey Large, producer of such films as It Follows, Poker Night and The Frozen Ground.

Scott Glasgow was presented the challenge to score The Ninth Passenger in ten days, which is a feat difficult to accomplish in the best of circumstances. To add fury to the fire, the composer was in the process of completing another project simultaneously. To pull off what would seem to be the impossible, Glasgow enlisted the talents of composer Theron Kay, a former student from his university lecture course on film music, to write additional music for the score. eron Kay was to focus on the espionage themes, while Scott Glasgow would provide the darker, more brooding monster motif for the score. The result is a tremendous score with multiple dimensions and textures, partly a result of what the composer describes as "unique instrumental colors" provided by bowed metal percussion, musical stones, piano effects, as well as Tibetan and Mongolian throat singing ...definitely so much more than one would ever expect or hope for from a score composed in ten days!

The Ninth Passenger features liner notes written by composer Scott Glasgow with a note from composer Theron Kay, all beautifully packaged with designs by Javier Burgos.


1. Security Team (3:26)

2. Mercenary (3:02)

3. Project Darwin (1:58)

4. Recon (1:24)

5. Jess Distress (1:34)

6. Mechanic (1:00)

7. Safe Cracking (1:58)

8. The Specimen (1:37)

9. Trident Silica (3:57)

10. Boat Trouble (1:04)

11. Danger Island (4:34)

12. Evolution (2:38)

13. Secret Lab (3:09)

14. Genetic Research (3:52)

15. Creatures (3:23)

16. Spear Gun (3:17)

17. Zodiac Attack (4:36)

18. Friend Fight (3:56)

19. The Monster (1:53)

20. Containment Force (4:53)

21. The Ninth Passenger (3:18)

The Ninth Passenger Soundtrack Scott Glasgow


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