Saturday, September 29, 2018

New Soundtracks: HELL FEST (Bear McCreary)

Bear McCreary

Total Time:

Sparks and Shadows

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Release Date
September 28, 2018

Find more about the soundtrack (previews, track list) after the jump.

Hell Fest 2018 Movie Image

Product Description: A masked serial killer turns a horror themed amusement park into his own personal playground, terrorizing a group of friends while the rest of the patrons believe that it is all part of the show. College student NATALIE (Forsyth) is visiting her childhood best friend BROOKE (Edwards) and her roommate TAYLOR (Taylor-Klaus). If it was any other time of year these three and their boyfriends might be heading to a concert or bar, but it is Halloween which means that like everyone else they will be bound for HELL FEST - a sprawling labyrinth of rides, games, and mazes that travels the country and happens to be in town. Ever year thousands follow Hell Fest to experience fear at the ghoulish carnival of nightmares. But for one visitor, Hell Fest is not the attraction - it is a hunting ground. An opportunity to slay in plain view of a gawking audience, too caught up in the terrifyingly fun atmosphere to recognize the horrific reality playing out before their eyes. As the body count and frenzied excitement of the crowds continues to rise, he turns his masked face to NATALIE, BROOKE, TAYLOR and their boyfriends who will fight to survive the night.


1. Theme from Hell Fest (2:17)

2. Killer Clown Scare Zone (John Massari) (2:30)

3. A Killer in the Park (3:55)

4. Hell Fest Dance Party (Brendan McKian) (4:03)

5. Technical Difficulties (3:28)

6. Deadlands (1:12)

7. Doll House (John Massari) (2:51)

8. Eye Need a Needle (3:34)

9. Black Light Hall (Brendan McKian) (1:55)

10. Guillotine (3:08)

11. Devil's Carnival (John Massari) (2:42)

12. Welcome to Hell (4:07)

13. Night Bumps (John Massari) (2:36)

14. Hellmaze (Brendan McKian) (3:08)

15. Tears of the Demon (3:43)

16. The Mask Room (8:20)

17. Trophies (1:39)

18. Dead Alive (Bonus Track) (Crisis Couture) (4:03)

19. Worm Feast (Bonus Track) (Crisis Couture) (2:44)

Hell Fest Soundtrack


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