Friday, August 3, 2018

New Soundtracks: OUR HOUSE (Mark Korven)

Mark Korven

Total Time:

Lakeshore Records

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MP3, iTunes

Release Date
July 27, 2018

Find more about the soundtrack (previews, track list) after the jump.

Our House 2018 Movie Image

Product Description: A machine that can bring back dead loved ones seems like a great idea...until you unleash the wrong spirits. When his parents are killed in a car accident, science wiz Ethan (Thomas Mann) must leave behind college and his girlfriend (Nicola Peltz) to care for his younger brother and sister. By day, he juggles the responsibilities of raising two kids; by night, he tinkers in the garage on an invention he hopes will change the world: a machine that can generate wireless electricity. He gets more than he bargained for, however, when the device awakens the dead souls that haunt the house. As Ethan and his siblings attempt to make contact with their parents, a horrifying realization sets in: not all the spirits in their midst may be friendly. This hair-raising science-fiction ghost story is a nightmare journey into a past that refuses to stay dead and buried.


1. Heading To Lab

2. Flee The Lab

3. Aftermath

4. The Box

5. The Staircase

6. Shoes

7. Becca Tub

8. Back To Work

9. The Haunting

10. Matt and Ethan

11. Watch Me While I sleep

12. Now Do You Believe Me?

13. Lightbulbs

14. Strong Signal

15. Alice

16. Peak Button

17. Candle and Alice

18. Bathroom Shadow

19. Creepy Neighbor

20. What Ya See?

21. Never Left Me

22. Becca In Van

23. Shadow Science

24. Mr. Gifford

25. Becca Trapped

26. Release

Our House 2018 Soundtrack Mark Korven


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