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New Soundtracks: MCQUEEN (Michael Nyman)

Michael Nyman

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June 8, 2018

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Product Description: The film is directed by Ian Bonhote (Alleycats) and centres on Alexander McQueen, the working-class boy who rose from Savile Row tailor's apprentice to become the most celebrated and controversial fashion designer in the world. Bonhote is also producing the project with Andee Ryder, Nick Taussig & Paul Van Carter (Churchill, My Name Is Lenny). McQueen will be broadcast in 150 cinemas nationwide and is promoted by Lionsgate. As soon as fellow directors Ian Bonh?te and Peter Ettedgui began to develop the story of Lee Alexander McQueen as a cinema documentary, it became clear to them there was only one composer for this fiilm. Michael Nyman's name kept cropping up as they researched Lee's life; colleagues and friends they interviewed recalled how long nights in his design studio were inevitably accompanied by CDs of Michael's music, in particular his score for 'The Piano' (Lee's favourite fiilm and soundtrack). They sourced the music from Michael Nyman's vast output on MN Records and the soundtrack to the film will be released on June 8, to coincide with the theatrical release of the film. Michael Nyman's music- and it's unique connection to Lee - was by their side throughout the edit, leading them, nudging them to explore the myriad emotions provoked by McQueen's remarkable story. From the raucous iconoclasm of Lee's early years, to the darker aspects of his character; from the celebration of his life to the tragedy of his death. The Track Dealing for the Sarabande, commissioned by Alexander McQueen in 2006, from Michael Nyman, receives it's premiere recording on this album.


Disc 1:

1. McQueen: Time Lapse (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (3:54)

2. Tape No. 1: A Sixth Part of the World 1 (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (5:55)

3. Kinky Gerlinky: Secrets, Accusations and Charges (Michael Nyman) (2:31)

4. Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims: MGV 1st Region (Michael Nyman Band & Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) (4:59)

5. Tape No. 2: Knights at School (Michael Nyman & Wingates Brass) (7:37)

6. Sky's the Limit: Chasing Sheep Is Best Left to Shepherds (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (5:06)

7. Lee Scissorhands: Bird List (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (4:22)

8. Joyce: Passage de l'Egalite (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (6:28)

9. Nocturne (Stitching to Nyman): Big My Secret (Michael Nyman) (2:54)

10. The Highland Rape: Abel Carries Ephraim (Michael Nyman & Wingates Brass) (5:25)

11. Armour for the Heart: I Am Also a Painter (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (2:52)

12. Bleached Jeans and Attitude: Here to There (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (2:58)

13. Paris Chic: Revisiting the Don (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (4:26)

14. Search for the Golden Fleece: A Satire Against Manhood (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (3:05)

15. It's a Jungle Out There: Queen of the Night (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (7:00)

Disc 2:

1. Tape No. 4: es war Erde in ihnen (Michael Nyman Band & Hilary Summers) (4:59)

2. Haute Couture: Outside Looking In (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (9:13)

3. Devil Crossing the Door: Lyra da Braccio (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (3:14)

4. Incubus: Flying Machines (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (1:34)

5. No Way Back: The Exchange (Michael Nyman) (3:06)

6. Fairlight: Franklyn (Michael Nyman) (2:29)

7. Tape No. 5: Fish Beach (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (2:53)

8. La dame bleue: The Promise (Michael Nyman) (3:03)

9. Metamorphosis: All Imperfect Things (Michael Nyman) (4:17)

10. Solitude: Trysting Fields / Sheep 'n' Tides (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (7:17)

11. The Final Collection: Lost and Found (Michael Nyman) (2:59)

12. Plato's Atlantis: The Piano Concerto, The Beach (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (11:50)

13. Angels and Daemons: Upon Leaving His Mistress (Michael Nyman & Michael Nyman Band) (5:23)

14. Silhouette: Diary of Love (Michael Nyman) (2:42)

15. Lee's Sarabande: Dealing for the Sarabande (Michael Nyman) (2:54)

Mcqueen Soundtrack Michael Nyman


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