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New Soundtracks: JUSTICE LEAGUE (Danny Elfman)

Danny Elfman

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WaterTower Music

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November 10, 2017

Find more about the soundtrack (previews, track list) after the jump.

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Product Description: The album features one of the industry’s most versatile and accomplished film composers, Danny Elfman, who is returning to score a DC Super Hero film for the first time since 1992’s Batman Returns.

While bringing his celebrated and unique approach to the Justice League score, Elfman also gives DC fans some special familiar moments. Utilizing memorable character themes to tell the musical story, he incorporates and re-interprets iconic music from past films, including John Williams’ Superman theme, Hans Zimmer’s Wonder Woman theme, and his own Batman theme. “I’m using the same thematic material that I used back then,” Elfman told Billboard Magazine. “It never actually went away. We’ve got these iconic bits from our past and that’s part of us, that’s part of our heritage. It just was great fun.”

The soundtrack also features a blistering version of The Beatles’ “Come Together” by electrifying virtuoso guitarist Gary Clark Jr. and Grammy-nominated and multiplatinum producer, musician, and composer Junkie XL; along with Norwegian pop singer/ songwriter Sigrid’s haunting and powerful take on Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows,” and The White Stripes classic “Icky Thump.”


1. Everybody Knows (Sigrid) (4:25)

2. The Justice League Theme – Logos (0:48)

3. Hero's Theme (4:17)

4. Batman on the Roof (2:34)

5. Enter Cyborg (2:00)

6. Wonder Woman Rescue (2:43)

7. Hippolyta's Arrow (1:16)

8. The Story of Steppenwolf (2:59)

9. The Amazon Mother Box (4:33)

10. Cyborg Meets Diana (2:36)

11. Aquaman in Atlantis (2:39)

12. Then There Were Three (1:10)

13. The Tunnel Fight (6:24)

14. The World Needs Superman (1:00)

15. Spark of the Flash (2:18)

16. Friends and Foes (4:14)

17. Justice League United (1:24)

18. Home (3:24)

19. Bruce and Diana (1:06)

20. The Final Battle (6:14)

21. A New Hope (4:36)

22. Anti-Hero's Theme (5:35)

23. Come Together (Gary Clark Jr. & Junkie XL) (3:13)

24. Icky Thump (The White Stripes) (4:14)

25. The Tunnel Fight (Full Length Bonus Track) (10:58)

26. The Final Battle (Full Length Bonus Track) (12:57)

27. Mother Russia (Bonus Track) (1:45)

Justice League Soundtrack Danny Elfman


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