Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Soundtracks: ALL NIGHTER (Alec Puro)

Alec Puro

Total Time:

Lakeshore Records

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Release Date
March 24, 2017

Find more about the soundtrack (previews, track list) after the jump.

All Nighter Movie Image

Product Description: Martin is a struggling LA musician nervously meeting his girlfriend Ginnie's intimidating father, Mr. Gallo, for the first time. Gallo is a tough-minded, no-nonsense international businessman who never has enough time for Ginnie. At dinner together, Gallo is resolutely unimpressed by Martin, Martin grows increasingly uncomfortable, and the meal is a disaster. Six months later, Martin's broken-hearted over being dumped by Ginnie, who has "moved on", when Gallo shows up at his door looking for his daughter. Her cellphone is off and she has not responded to any texts or emails. Although it's the last thing he wants to do, Martin is "persuaded" by Gallo to take him to where Martin believes Ginnie is living. Ginnie isn't there either, and Martin and Mr. Gallo are forced to spend the rest of the day and night together, searching for her all over town. As they attempt to solve the puzzle of what is going on in Ginnie's life, they encounter her crazy friends and get into increasingly desperate jams of their own making. Some property is destroyed, some laws are broken, but an uneasy friendship between Martin and Gallo is born.... as they discover that they, rather than Ginnie, are the ones who are truly lost. ALL NIGHTER was produced by Spring Pictures' Mandy Tagger Brockey and Adi Ezroni (A LATE QUARTET, DEAN), Wing and a Prayer Pictures' Ron Perlman, Josh Crook (ALL I SEE IS YOU, POTTERSVILLE) and P. Jennifer Dana (IT FOLLOWS).


1. Open (Bonus Track) (1:07)

2. Six Months Later (2:01)

3. Porn Driving (2:41)

4. Inside Gary and Robertas (1:10)

5. Dinner with Gallo (1:49)

6. Walk to Yoga (1:06)

7. Driving to Club (0:52)

8. Bri Baby Fight (1:15)

9. Car Ride to Ginnies (1:44)

10. Gallo Snoops (1:43)

11. Martin and Gallo Chased (1:21)

12. Caught by Cops (Bonus Track) (1:15)

13. Police Car (0:53)

14. Martin and Ginnie (3:09)

15. Beautiful Banjo (Bonus Track) (1:48)

16. The Ballad of Banjo (Bonus Track) (1:49)

All Nighter Soundtrack Alec Puro


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