Wednesday, July 13, 2016

THE ASSEMBLY Progress Trailer and Images


The virtual reality games publisher nDreams have released a new trailer for their upcoming project "The Assembly", a long-form, narrative-driven game designed for VR headsets and mature audiences.

Players will be able to navigate the story from the points of view of two individuals, and discover a morally challenging organisation from contrasting perspectives, investigating the Assembly's secret bunker and making tough decisions in the process.

"The Assembly" will be available on July 19th for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and later this year for PlayStation VR.

Check out the trailer and images after the jump.

The Assembly Game Image 1

The Assembly Game Image 2

The Assembly Game Image 3

The Assembly Game Image 4

The Assembly Game Image 5

The Assembly Game Image 6

The Assembly Game Image 7

The Assembly Game Image 8

The Assembly Game Image 9

The Assembly Game Image 10

The Assembly Game Image 11

Official Synopsis
"A mysterious organisation known solely as the Assembly has been conducting secret experiments underground, their astonishing breakthroughs only made possible by operating outside government scrutiny and society’s morals.

But what is the Assembly hiding? How far will it go to keep its existence buried? And what will it sacrifice in the pursuit of progress?

Now, a chain of events threatens to expose this shadowy group. Play as two individuals – each with their own motivations – and discover the mysteries of the Assembly’s facility through contrasting perspectives. Make tough decisions, overcome trials and shake the foundations of this enigmatic collective. Will your actions and their future repercussions save lives, or lead to catastrophe?

The Assembly is a first-person interactive drama for mature audiences, created from the ground up for virtual reality headsets. An experience with two sides to everything, where the truth is never clear, and a question is always left open: When does the end justify the means?"


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