Friday, March 25, 2016

3 New Clips for BORN TO BE BLUE Starring Ethan Hawke


Three new clips for the Chet Baker biopic "Born to be Blue" have been released online. The film opens in theaters today (limited release).

The film has received strong reviews in which the critics praise Ethan Hawke's incredible performance and the film's impressionistic approach to telling Baker's story.

Written and directed by Robert Budreau, the film stars Ethan Hawke, Carmen Ejogo, Callum Keith Rennie, Stephen McHattie and Natassia Halabi.

Watch the clips after the jump.

Born to be Blue Movie Poster

Official Synopsis
"Ethan Hawke lights up the screen as jazz legend Chet Baker, whose tumultuous life is thrillingly reimagined with wit, verve, and style to burn. In the 1950s, Baker was one of the most famous trumpeters in the world, renowned as both a pioneer of the West Coast jazz scene and an icon of cool. By the 1960s, he was all but washed up, his career and personal life in shambles due to years of heroin addiction. In his innovative anti-biopic, director Robert Budreau zeroes in on Baker's life at a key moment in the 1960s, just as the musician attempts to stage a hard-fought comeback, spurred in part by a passionate romance with a new flame (Carmen Ejogo). Creatively blending fact with fiction and driven by Hawke's virtuoso performance, Born to Be Blueunfolds with all the stylistic brio and improvisatory genius of great jazz."


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