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Kumiko The Treasure Hunter new on Blu-Ray

Product Description: From indie film mavericks David & Nathan Zellner (KID-THING, GOLIATH) comes the hypnotically original (Entertainment Weekly) and quietly magnificent (The Guardian) Sundance sensation inspired by a shocking true story: Academy Award® nominee Rinko Kikuchi (BABEL, PACIFIC RIM is stunning (Indiewire) as Kumiko, a sad and lonely Tokyo office assistant who finds a battered VHS tape of a popular film she's mistaken for a documentary, becomes convinced that the movie's buried suitcase of cash is real. But when Kumiko heads to frozen North Dakota to locate her fortune, she ll discover that the line between reality and obsession may be the most elusive treasure of all. Part road movie, part treasure hunt, it's an emotionally charged gem. This is a film that dares to dream, and dares you to dream with it!

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Rinko Kikuchi in Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

Film Details

  • Starring: Rinko Kikuchi, Nobuyuki Katsube, Shirley Venard, David Zellner, Nathan Zellner, Kanako Higashi

  • Director: David Zellner

  • Genre: Drama

  • Running Time: 105 min

  • Studio: Starz/Anchor Bay

  • Rating: Not Rated

DVD / Blu-Ray Details

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter Blu-Ray Cover

  • Available Editions (click links to order):
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1

  • Release Date: June 30, 2015

  • Language: English

  • Audio Formats:
    • Blu-Ray: Dolby TrueHD 5.1
    • DVD: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish

  • Special Features:
    • Audio commentary with the Zellner Brothers and producer Chris Ohlson
    • Deleted and Extended Scenes

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