Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Album Releases: REST AND BE THANKFUL (Linden)

Linden Rest and be Thankful Album

Alternative Rock

Total Time:

Record Label:
Slumberland Records

CD, MP3, Vinyl

Release Date
June 23, 2015

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Product Description: Following 2012's wonderful ''Bleached Highlights,'' an album that generated many rave reviews, Joe McAlinden is back with ''Rest And Be Thankful,'' another elegantly soulful and emotional record. Having travelled to West Heath Yard in 2012 to work with Edwyn Collins and Sebastian Lewsley on ''Bleached Highlights,'' Joe decided this time he needed a rural approach and it quickly became apparent that it would be easier to make a new record at home in Argyll with the Linden live band: Stuart Kidd, Eric Lindsay and Marco Rea.

Joe built a makeshift studio in an old fisherman's croft on the shores of Loch Fyne, threw some logs on the fire and set about recording ''Rest and Be Thankful,'' which he then sent to Edwyn and Seb via courier pigeon to mix at WHY in London. The boys reckon you can hear Argyll in the music, you can feel where Joe lives... a sonic snapshot of rural life! ''Rest And Be Thankful'' simply thrums with love and loss, whether it's the starkly pretty ''I See,'' which talks of someone who ''leaves a shadow on the ground, even though you're not around,'' or the gently euphoric ''Broken Glass,'' with its Memphis Horns-esque bursts of brass.

Rest And Be Thankful is a simply glorious album. But let Joe talk you through it... ''The album was recorded on the west coast of Scotland and apparently you can hear this in the songs - the songs certainly sound as though they were recorded there. They feel pretty authentic to me.'' ''I really don't listen to music when I'm working on music. I find it very distracting! Otherwise, I've been listening to all the usual suspects - Love, 'Nuggets' comps, Gene Clark, Dean Blunt, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and I'm very big on listening to current stuff too. Not stuck in the past, me!'' ''Making another record with (Orange Juice's) Edwyn Collins was such a thrill. Throughout my career, I've only wanted to make albums that sound like real records - sounds dumb right? But I've always wanted to listen to me the way I listen to the rest of my record collection. I don't want my albums to sound like me, I want them to sound classic. I think with these last two records I've finally managed to achieve this. I can finally listen to something I've done and feel like I'm listening to just another record!'


1. I See

2. Window Pane

3. Rest and Be Thankful

4. Short Worm

5. Pull Me Round Again

6. Dream Dream

7. Lost and Found

8. Take My Hand

9. Yesterday_Rewind

10. Broken Glass


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