Friday, June 26, 2015

New Album Releases: DON'T WEIGH DOWN THE LIGHT (Meg Baird)

Don't Weigh Down The Light (Meg Baird)
Meg Baird


Total Time:

Record Label:
Drag City

CD, MP3, Vinyl

Release Date
June 23, 2015

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Meg Baird

Product Description: 2015 solo release from the San Francisco-based singer/songwriter best known for her work with Espers. Don't Weigh Down the Light is her first album since 2011's Seasons On Earth, and it arrives alive with mystery and color-buoyed by a voice that's a warm, mesmerizing call across time. Like Meg's previous LPs (and much of Espers output,) the foundation of Don't Weigh Down the Light is her lyrical, precise, and propulsive fingerstyle guitar work and a voice that moves from soaring and tender to soothing and spellbinding. A voice that more than a few have likened to folk's greatest female voices: Sandy Denny, Jacqui McShee, and Shirley Collins. '

Meg Baird's last decade would be remarkable by any artist's standards. She co-founded and recorded three albums with Espers-one of the most distinctive and hypnotic bands of the century's first decade. She recorded two solo LPs for Drag City - Dear Companion and Seasons on Earth. She also collaborated with Will Oldham, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, and Steve Gunn and toured with the legendary Bert Jansch. And while it's been four years since her last release, the days since have been anything but restful. She played drums and recorded with Philadelphia cave punks Watery Love, and toured with Michael Chapman, Michael Hurley, Vile, Cass McCombs, Hiss Golden Messenger, and Lambchop. And after more than a decade as a fixture in Philadelphia's boiling-over musical scene, Meg moved west to San Francisco where she joined forces (as drummer and lead vocalist) with members of Comets on Fire and Assemble Head to form the moody and thunderous Heron Oblivion. She also wrote and recorded Don't Weigh Down the Light.


1. Counterfeiters

2. I Don't Mind

3. Mosquito Hawks

4. Back to You

5. Past Houses

6. Leaving Song

7. Stars Unwinding

8. Good Directions

9. Don't Weigh Down the Light

10. Even the Walls Don't Want You to Go

11. Past Houses (Reprise)


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