Thursday, June 25, 2015

New on Blu-Ray: DOG SOLDIERS (2002) Collector's Edition

Dog Soldiers New Blu-Ray Collector's Edition

Product Description: A group of soldiers dispatched to the Scottish Highlands on special training maneuvers face their biggest fears after they run into Captain Ryan: the only survivor of a Special Ops team that was literally torn to pieces. Ryan refuses to disclose his mission even though whoever attacked his men might be hungry for seconds. Help arrives in the form of local girl who shelters them in a deserted farmhouse deep in the forest…but when they realize that they are surrounded by a pack of blood-lusting werewolves, it’s apparent their nightmare has just begun!

From Neil Marshall, the director of The Decent, Doomsday, Centurion and episodes of Game Of Thrones, comes this terrifying thriller starring Kevin McKidd (Rome, Hannibal Rising), Sean Pertwee (Gotham, Event Horizon), Emma Cleasby (Doomsday) and Liam Cunningham (Game Of Thrones, Clash Of The Titans).

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Dog Soldiers Movie Image

Film Details

  • Starring: Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby, Liam Cunningham, Leslie Simpson

  • Director: Neil Marshall

  • Genre: Horror, Action, Comedy

  • Running Time: 105 min

  • Studio: Scream Factory

  • Rating: R for strong violence/gore and language

DVD / Blu-Ray Details

Dog Soldiers Blu-Ray DVD Collector's Edition

  • Available Editions (click links to order):
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

  • Release Date: June 23, 2015

  • Language: English

  • Audio Formats:
    • Blu-Ray: DTS-HD 5.1, DTS-HD 2.0
    • DVD: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Subtitles: English

  • Special Features:
    • Audio Commentary with Director Neil Marshall
    • The Making of DOG SOLDIERS featuring new interviews with director Neil Marshall, producers Christopher Figg and Keith Bell, actors Kevin McKidd, Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfitt, Leslie Simpson and Emma Cleasby, special effects artist Bob Keen, special effects supervisor/creature designer Dave Bonneywell, production designer Simon Bowles and director of photography Sam McCurdy
    • A look at the model of the sets created by production designer Simon Bowles
    • Theatrical Trailer
    • Neil Marshall's short film: Combat
    • Two Still Galleries – photos from the film and rare photos from production designer Simon Bowles and special effects artist Dave Bonneywell's archives

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