Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Games: STATE OF DECAY - Year One Survival Edition (Xbox One)


Video Game Description: The end is here. Human civilization has been annihilated. The few, scattered survivors must band together, rebuilding civilization in a third- person action game packed with sweet guns, fast cars, hand-to-hand combat, and copious amounts of zombie gore. Players choose where to make their stand, designing and fortifying their settlements, performing daring raids for valuable stores of food and ammunition, and rescuing other playable survivors. The open world develops in real-time, shaped by player actions, with content determined by their choices and the ever-increasing zombie threat.

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State of Decay Year One Survival Edition Game Screenshot 1

Genre: Action

Publisher: Microsoft

Developer: Undead Labs

Rating: M for Mature

Game Editions (Click links to order):

State of Decay Year One Survival Edition Game Screenshot 2

Game Features:
  • Beautifully remastered 1080p.
  • Both Add-Ons - "Lifeline" and "Breakdown" - as well as exciting new content, Achievements and more, will be included.
  • Unlocking Heroes: Lifeline Roster
  • New weapons: Under-barrel attachments and Incendiary Ammo
  • New Music
  • Community Improvements

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