Monday, September 23, 2013

DVD & Blu-Ray: ROOM 237 Documentary About Stanley Kubrick's The Shining


ROOM 237

Rated: Not Rated | Runtime: 102 min | Studio: MPI Home Video

Room 237 Documentary DVD Blu-Ray
Synopsis: In 1980 Stanley Kubrick released his masterpiece of modern horror, The Shining. Over 30 years later we re still struggling to understand its hidden meanings. Rodney Ascher's wry and provocative documentary ROOM 237 fuses fact and fiction through interviews with both fanatics and scholars, creating a kaleidoscopic deconstruction of Kubrick s still-controversial classic.

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Special Features:
  • The Mastrmind Speaks: Commentary with Kevin McLeod. McLeod is a key figure in the online examination of Kubrick's film.
  • Secrets of The Shining, an hour-long panel discussion from the first Stanley Film Festival, an event at Colorado's historic Stanley Hotel, which inspired one-time guest Stephen King to write his novel.
  • 11 Deleted Scenes.
  • The Making of the Music featurette.
  • Mondo Poster Design Discussion with Artist Aled Lewis.
  • Trailers

  • IMDb.com: 6,5/10 from 5.512 users
  • Rottentomatoes: 93% (112 fresh, 8 rotten, score: 7.6/10).
  • Metacritic: 80 out of 100 (26 positive, 3 mixed, 1 negative).

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