Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Soundtracks : THE FLOWERS OF WAR (2011)

Qigang Chen (Various Artists)

Running Time:

Sony Classical


Release Date
March 6, 2012

About the Music:
Composer and musical director for the 2008 Bejing Olympics Qigang Chen studied at the Central Conservatory of Music in Bejing with Luo Zhongrong. After moving to Paris, he studied with Olivier Messiaen and went on towin the prestigious "Grand Prize for Symphonic Music" from SACEM in 2005. Multiple Grammy Award®- winning violinist JOSHUA BELL is known for his breadth and daring choices of repertoire. He has captured the public's attention like no other classical violinist of his time, enchanting audiences worldwide with his breathtaking playing and tone. Often referred to as the "poet of the violin," his 2004 album Romance of the Violin was named the "Classical CD of the Year" by Billboard ®magazine,with Bell named "Classical Artist of the Year." Joshua Bell s latest album, French Impressions, a duet album with pianist Jeremy Denk, featuring three French violin sonatas, is available now.

Track List:

1. Love Theme I (Opening Credit) (Joshua Bell)
2. Qin Huai Legend I (Falling in Love) (Huifen Xu; Joshua Bell)
3. Redemption II (Tragedy in the Church) (Yi-Bing Chu)
4. Qin Huai Legend V (Parting Exhortation) (Jiemin Yan)
5. They Are At Peace I (Death of Commander Li) (Allmanna Sangen)
6. Quin Huai Legend II (Blood-stained Strings) (Jia Li)
7. Love Theme II (State of Mind) (Joshua Bell)
8. Redemption V (Tragedy in the Church, Material 1) (Joshua Bell, Yi-Bing Chu)
9. Angels We Have Heard on High (No. 171 Middle School Jimfan Choir)
10. Comfort and Hope I (Tragedy in the Church, Alternative Version 2) (Allmanna Sangen, Xiaoduo Chen, Jiemin Yan, Joshua Bell)
11. Redemption III (Alt. Version) (Yi-Bing Chu)
12. Virgin (Alt. Version) (China Philharmonic Orchestra, Zhang Yi)
13. Requiem and Redemption (Commander Li and the Children) (No. 171 Middle School Jimfan Choir, Joshua Bell)
14. Qin Huai Legend VII (Geishas' Chorus) (Jianzhen Zhang, Huifen Xu, Jianfang Wu)
15. Ruins (Alt. Version) (China Philharmonic Orchestra, Zhang Yi)
16. They Are at Peace II (Brutality) (Allmanna Sangen, Jiemen Yan)
17. Love Theme III (Descent From Heaven) (Joshua Bell)
18. Comfort and Hope II (Opening Credit, Alt. Version) (Joshua Bell, Allmanna Sangen, Jiemin Yan)
19. Heavenly Voice I (John and the Children's Dialogue) (China Philharmonic Orchestra, Allmanna Sangen, Xiaoduo Chen)
20. Qin Huai Legend III (Entering the Gate) (Jia Li)
21. Qin Huai Legend VI (Sisterhood) (Joshua Bell)
22. Love Theme V (Parting, Alt. Version) (Jiemin Yan)
23. Heavenly Voice II (Alt. Version) (Joshua Bell)
24. Qin Juai Legend VI (End Credit Chorus) (Jiemin Yan, Joshua Bell)
25. Comfort and Hope III (Running Towards Light) (Joshua Bell)
26. Love Theme IV (End Credit)