Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New on DVD : RETREAT (2011)

Synopsis: Taking an isolated break on an uninhabited island, Martin (Cillian Murphy) and Kate (Thandie Newton) are about to find that their island retreat is about to become a prison of unimaginable terror. When a blood soaked stranger (Jamie Bell) stumbles through their door claiming an apocalyptic virus is sweeping across Europe, their lives are turned upside down as they face what could be the end of everything they know. Using all means necessary, they must fight to escape the approaching threat. But escape is only the beginning of their terrifying fight for survival...

Genre: Thriller

Worldwide Box-Office: N/A

Number of Discs (Click Links to Buy from Amazon):

DVD Special Features :
  • Retreat: The Making Of
  • Photo Gallery

Release Date : February 21, 2012

Run Time : 90 Min.

Studio/Distributor : Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Rating : R for violence and for language throughout .

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