Friday, January 13, 2012

In Theaters: CONTRABAND (2012)

Official Synopsis : Mark Wahlberg leads the cast of Contraband, a fast-paced thriller about a man trying to stay out of a world he worked so hard to leave behind and the family he’ll do anything to protect. Set in New Orleans, the film explores the cutthroat underground world of international smuggling — full of desperate criminals and corrupt officials, high-stakes and big payoffs — where loyalty rarely exists and death is one wrong turn away. Chris Farraday (Wahlberg) long ago abandoned his life of crime, but after his brother-in-law, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), botches a drug deal for his ruthless boss, Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), Chris is forced back into doing what he does best — running contraband — to settle Andy’s debt. Chris is a legendary smuggler and quickly assembles a crew with the help of his best friend, Sebastian (Ben Foster), for one final run to Panama and back, hoping to return with millions in counterfeit bills. Things quickly fall apart and with only hours to reach the cash, Chris must use his rusty skills to successfully navigate a treacherous criminal network of brutal drug lords, cops and hit men before his wife, Kate (Kate Beckinsale), and sons become their target.

Genre: Thriller, Action, Crime

Critical Response : Mixed. The critics mostly griped about the movie's overly-familiar plot. It's basically made up of a B-formula which they attempt to elevate by casting famous actors and is, according to one reviewer, "Compelling in the moment but adding up to less than the sum of its parts". Which doesn't mean that it's not entertaining. As one other critics puts it : "It's an enjoyable movie when you don't have high expectations.". Also, most mixed/positive reviews point out to the talented cast, a relatively solid storyline and well-staged action sequences as the reasons why "Contraband" is slightly better than the usual January offerings. Rated 47% on Rottentomatoes.com from 36 positive and 40 negative reviews (Average Score : 5.3 out of 10).

More Details : 

  • Starring : Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale, Giovanni Ribisi, Ben Foster, J.K. Simmons, Lukas Haas.

  • Director : Baltasar Kormákur ("A Little Trip to Heaven").

  • Screenplay : Aaron Guzikowski, based on an original screenplay by Arnaldur Indriðason & Óskar Jónasson.

  • Running Time : 109 min.

  • Rating : R for violence, pervasive language and brief drug use .

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