Friday, December 16, 2011

In Theaters : CARNAGE (2011)

Official Synopsis : Carnage is a razor sharp, biting comedy centered on parental differences. After two boys duke it out on a playground, the parents of the "victim" invite the parents of the "bully" over to work out their issues. A polite discussion of childrearing soon escalates into verbal warfare, with all four parents revealing their true colors. None of them will escape the carnage.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

What to Expect : Crafty adaptation of a play. You are constantly aware that you're watching a play, not a movie, but the cast does an excellent job of focusing our attention on the characters involved. (LIMITED RELEASE)

Critical Response : Positive. Even though critics agreed that the movie falls victim to the trappings of adapting a play for the big screen, it's Polanski's confident direction and the cast's performances that keep the movie from failing. Rated 73 % on Rottentomatoes.com from 41 positive and 15 negative reviews.

More Details : 

  • Starring : Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz, Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly.

  • Director : Roman Polanski ("The Pianist", "The Ghost Writer").

  • Screenplay : Roman Polanski, Yasmina Reza, based on Yasmin Reza's play.

  • Running Time : 79 min.

  • Rating : R for language .

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