Friday, September 23, 2011

In Theaters : MONEYBALL (2011)

Official Synopsis : Based on a true story, Moneyball is a movie for anybody who has ever dreamed of taking on the system. Brad Pitt stars as Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland A's and the guy who assembles the team, who has an epiphany: all of baseball's conventional wisdom is wrong. Forced to reinvent his team on a tight budget, Beane will have to outsmart the richer clubs. The onetime jock teams with Ivy League grad Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) in an unlikely partnership, recruiting bargain players that the scouts call flawed, but all of whom have an ability to get on base, score runs, and win games. It's more than baseball, it's a revolution - one that challenges old school traditions and puts Beane in the crosshairs of those who say he's tearing out the heart and soul of the game.

Genre: Drama, Sports, Biography

What to Expect : The sports version of "The Social Network", also penned by Oscar-winning writer Aaron Sorkin. A great cast and a very interesting story make this a superior drama for those looking for an insightful, funny and emotional film. Directed by Academy Award nominee for Best Director Bennett Miller ("Capote"). I think this might be an Oscar contender next year, unless the Academy feels it's just another "The Social Network".

Critical Response : Positive. Highly enthusiastic reviews called this movie " well-written", "sharply acted", "old-fashioned", "highly entertaining", "terrific", "intelligent and well-made". The cast was also praised, particularly Pitt who turns in a charismatic and natural performance. Rated 94% on Rottentomatoes.com from 111 positive and 7 negative.

More Details : 

  • Starring : Brad Pitt, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jonah Hill, Robin Wright, Chris Pratt.

  • Director : Bennett Miller.

  • Screenplay : Steven Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin, based on the book "Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game", by Michael Lewis.

  • Running Time : 133 min.

  • Rating : PG-13 for some strong language.

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