Saturday, July 23, 2011

Steven Spielberg Confirms JURASSIC PARK 4

After a very long time it seems we finally have a definitive answer about the future of the "Jurassic Park" franchise. Steven Spielberg himself dropped the information at a press conference for "The Adventures of Tintin", at this year's Comic-Con. According to him, they already have a script ready and it will probably take two-three years to make and release the sequel. This pretty much explains why Joe Johnston, who directed "Jurassic Park III", was generating some solid buzz around the project for the past few months now. Clearly he's eager to direct this sequel as well, but I hope they'll work hard to make an actual movie this time and not just a tired money-grabbing action flick like part III was. And if we are to believe Johnston's statements so far, it seems they intend to take it in a new direction with some new characters, which will probably lead the franchise into a new trilogy, which is a pretty cool idea, if done properly. For more information, read my post called "JURASSIC PARK 4 Still in the Works"


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