Sunday, July 31, 2011

Box-Office Report - Week of 29 July, 2011

Apparently, unexpected things can still happen at the box-office. On July 29, "Cowboys & Aliens", "The Smurfs" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" opened and competed for the top spot, but, the results have been more than surprising, at least for two of them. Read the full article to find out what's new at the box-office.

In what could easily be described as an upset for Universal, but a big win for Sony, "Cowboys & Aliens", despite all the hype, opened with a modest $36M, and what's worse, it tied at first place with Sony's "The Smurfs", a family flick that was not exactly expected to perform this well. Furthermore Universal's sci-fi western cost $163M, which puts even more pressure on its box-office performance. Comparatively, "The Smurfs" had a production budget of $110M and not a very loud publicity campaign.

"Captain America: The First Avenger" dropped to second place, taking a big hit, compared to its opening week-end. The Marvel Avenger is not doing so well and looks to finish way below the $200M threshold. Foreign earnings aren't looking good either. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" has also begun to lose its punch at #3, but with a worldwide box-office of over a billion dollars and the achievement of becoming the best grosser in the series, who can complain ?

"Crazy, Stupid, Love" opened at #4 with a modest cume of $19M, and looks to finish at around $40-45M if it can hold up a constant weekly drop. Last week's "Friends With Benefits" isn't doing any better, down at #5, with only $9M over the week-end.

Check out the top 10 for the week of July 29, 2011 :
Rank Title Week-end Domestic Foreign
1Cowboys & Aliens / The Smurfs$36.2M$36.2MN/A
2Captain America: The First Avenger$24.9M$116M$53M
3Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2$21.9M$318M$690M
4Crazy, Stupid, Love$19M$19MN/A
5Friends With Benefits$9M$38M$3.8M
6Horrible Bosses$7M$96M$5M
7Transformers: Dark of the Moon$5.9M$337M$645M
9Cars 2$2M$182M$217M
10Winnie the Pooh$1.7M$22M$6M


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