Thursday, June 30, 2011

THE WOLVERINE Starts Filming in October (hopefully)

In March, this year, Darren Aronofsky backed out of the sequel to Wolverine's X-Men origin story, emphatically titled "The Wolverine". Fans were certainly disappointed that the man behind such instant classics as "Requiem for a Dream" and "Black Swan" was unable to commit to the comic book movie. After much toil and trouble, 20th Century Fox managed to bring in James Mangold, another strong director whose body of work includes movies like 2007's "3:10 to Yuma", "Walk the Line" and "Girl, Interrupted". Not as richly imaginative as Aronofsky, you might say, but certainly a capable director who could even get Stallone to turn in an above-average performance in "Cop Land".

Now, we finally get an idea about whether or not the production is moving forward. Hugh Jackman has responded in an interview that they will start filming in October and the movie will be released in 2012. It's not the exact information fans are hoping for, but it's a start, considering how difficult the journey has been so far. Honestly, I don't care how long it takes, i just hope it will be an improvement over "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".


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