Monday, June 6, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - New Viral Videos, Fan-Made or Not ?

"The Dark Knight Rises" is quickly amping up its publicity campaign, even before the completion of the actual production. A handful of viral videos, supposedly posted by The Fire Rises, the same username that was used in the Twitter viral game that resulted in a picture of Tom Hardy as Bane, have surfaced on YouTube.

Tom Hardy as Bane
The videos (click to read the full article) contain garbled footage and seem to hint at some crazy events occuring in Gotham City. One of them shows a TV broadcast talking about a breakout at Arkham. All videos contain the weird chant that was found on the movie's official site. Word on the street...er, the web, is that these clips are fan-made. There's also a facebook account for The Fire Rises, that sort of looks fake. Initially the name on the user info page was Warner Bros Entertainment, but now it just contains the release date of the movie. You can check out the facebook account for yourself by clicking here. The like count keeps on rising every minute. Whether it's all fake or not, I guess it doesn't even matter. Everybody's interest is piqued, and the buzz is buzzing, so it's win-win for Christopher Nolan. His movie gets more news coverage and that's all that really matters. If you're thinking of checking out the real official websites, here they are :
(read the full article to watch the videos) 

And here are the viral videos :


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