Saturday, April 30, 2011

GREEN LANTERN Meets CGI Difficulties

As the June 17 release date fastly approaches, Warner Brothers is attempting to smooth over some the "Green Lantern"s rougher edges by adding another 9 million dollars to its visual effects budget, according to Variety, and calling in a third company to handle additional VFX scenes. The already massive budget, which is reported to be somewhere around $200 million, is getting larger, which means the movie is going to have to be extremely efficient at the box-office if Warner Brother is ever going to consider turning this into a movie franchise. Just think how badly the first "Hulk" movie did. It seems Warner is very worried about the quality of the CGI. Initial response from the fans was extremely negative when the first images from the movie surfaced some months ago, which determined the crew to drastically rework the visual effects. The improvement was noticable, especially in the WonderCon footage, but there's probably more work to be done. I'm sure the VFX guys know what they're doing, but from what I've seen, this is a very difficult movie to make, as there are so many crazy sci-fi elements to consider and adapt convincingly.


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