Sunday, March 20, 2011

Box-Office Report - Week of 18 March 2011

Surprising as it may seem "Paul" has not achieved the spectacular success everyone hoped it would. Though in the top 5 of last week, four other movies stole its spotlight. "Limitless" came in hot at #1 with a $19M weekend debut. Hot on its trail was animated feature "Rango" at #2 with a weekend gross of $15M, this being its third week in the top three, which brings it to a total of $92M, quite a feat for a non-Pixar movie. At #3, "Battle: Los Angeles" picked up $14.6 over the weekend, bringin its two week box-office to a cool $60M. Failing to beat the competition, despite having a great cast which included Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei was "The Lincoln Lawyer, with just $13M, which gives it a #4 debut. Similarly, the aforementioned "Paul" only drew in $13M over the week-end which only qualifies it for #5. Here is the complete top 10 of last week's box-office :

1. Limitless
Weekend : $19M
Total : $19M

2. Rango
Weekend : $15.3M
Total : $92.6M

3. Battle: Los Angeles
Weekend : $14.6M  
Total : $60.6M

4. The Lincoln Lawyer
Weekend : $13.4M   
Total : $13.4M

5. Paul
Weekend : $13.2M     
Total : $13.2M

6. Red Riding Hood
Weekend : $7.25M      
Total : $26M

7. Adjustment Bureau
Weekend : $5.93M    
Total : $48.8M

8. Mars Needs Moms
Weekend : $5.32M    
Total : $15.4M

9. Beastly
Weekend : $3.26M
Total : $22.2M

10. Hall Pass
Weekend : $2.6M  
Total : $39.6M

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