Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warner Brother's Bodyguard Remake

I can't say I'm surprised. Hollywood is on a rampage with these remakes. Anything goes. So much so, that even a movie nominated for 7 Razzie Awards gets a remake. What's next ? "Freddy Got Fingered" ? The 1992 box-office hit is being remade by Warner Brothers with a script written by unknowns Nick Palmer and Jeremiah Friedman. The original was about a famous singer (Whitney Houston) and a Secret Service dude (Kevin Costner) who is brought in to protect her from a dangerous stalker. The updated version changes some basic facts. For example Costner's character will now be an Iraq-war veteran. Yes, they want to go for that darker edge and yes, I'm being ironic. How about this for an idea : they could get Miley Cirus to play the singer. And Justin Bieber could play the bodyguard. Isn't that something everybody would want to see ? 

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