Monday, February 28, 2011


127 HOURS 

The harrowing true story of Aaron Ralston arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD. The movie, nominated for 6 Oscars (including Best Picture), is a powerful drama about survival and self-discovery. Director Danny Boyle ("28 Days Later", "Trainspotting", "Sunshine") creates a vivid portrait of a man caught in an impossible situation, forced to do the unthinkable in order to survive. James Franco's Oscar nominated portrayal of Aaron Rolston is also a good reason to see this movie. There's a grueling amputation scene that will be hard to watch, but it's short and edited to avoid being too explicit. To find out more, read my review on this blog .

BAMBI (Two-Disc Diamond Edition)

This movie needs no introduction. Who hasn't watched it as a wee tyke and shed a tear when Bambi's mom died ? Now, released on Blu-Ray and DVD, the Diamond Edition brings back this classic Disney tale, fully restored, digitally enhanced, and whatever else they can think of doing to it. It has never looked sharper and more alive. Plus, there's a ton of extra features, as is customary for any Disney Anniversary Edition. If you loved "Bambi", by all means, get this release anyway you can.


Directed by Steve Antin, whose only other movie is a direct-to-video little item called "Glass House: The Good Mother", "Burlesque" is just another run-of-the-mill musical. You have your cliched characters and plot and a lot of singing. Who can ask for more ? Aguilera has the voice to carry the singing but not much talent to hold the acting, Cher's doing all right and Kristen Bell is sizzling hot. Production values are high and the music is pretty good, so if you're a huge fan of musicals (or Aguilera), give it a try. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray.


Dwayne Johnson becomes The Rock once again, for this revenge actioner, reminiscent of both the old days of Spaghetti Westerns and exploitation B-flicks. For a movie that brags about being "Faster", it sure goes slow for most of its running time. There's a lot of talking and very little action to speak of. The actors do a good job, but sometimes you can see the prospect of something that never reveals itself : a great action movie. Even so, it's a reasonably violent and enjoyable little flick if you like your action raw. Available on DVD and Blu-Ray For more about the movie, read my review on this blog.


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