Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catwoman and Bane confirmed as villains in "The Dark Knight Rising"

Seriously, they have to do something about the title of this movie, because TDKR is seriously boring and unoriginal. At four words it's also the longest in the modern franchise. But I will look past it, if the movie is at least as good as "The Dark Knight". I'll even settle for at least as good as "Batman Begins". Although I'm still hoping it's just a working title.

The latest news around town (and this time official, as in press release official) is that Catwoman and Bane are the villains of the new sequel, played by Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy. I am a little surprised by Miss Hathaway's casting, but I'm sure she has the talent to pull off a convincing villain. In fact she's shown quite a darker side in her Oscar nominated performance from "Rachel Getting Married". As for Hardy, I think he'll do just fine. Besides, Nolan is a perfectionist, and for the type of Batman movies he's making, there is not one director better suited for the job. So I think fans can rest assured, they'll get the movie experience they are eagerly expecting.

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