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Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Soundtracks: THE BAD BATCH (Various Artists)

Various Artists

Total Time:

Lakeshore Records

Purchasing Links:
CD, MP3, iTunes

Release Date
June 23, 2017

Find more about the soundtrack (previews, track list) after the jump.

The Bad Batch Movie Image

Product Description: The aforementioned girl is Arlen, (Suki Waterhouse), one of thousands of Americans deemed unacceptable to society, who is unceremoniously dumped into a hostile desert wasteland fenced off from civilized society. While wandering in her desert exile, she is captured by a savage band of cannibals and quickly realizes she'll have to fight for her very existence in this human-eat-human world. With electrifying visuals, a score to die for and a stellar cast, Amirpour has created another cinematic chapter that is as uncategorizable as her first.


1. Usrcs Detention Center (Dialog) (The Bad Batch Cast) (1:03)

2. Firefly (Black Light Smoke) (7:52)

3. Karma Chameleon (Culture Club) (4:11)

4. Screws in My Head (Black Light Smoke) (6:04)

5. This Here Is the Bad Batch (Dialog) (The Dream) (1:20)

6. Satin Drone (Pantha Du Prince) (5:59)

7. Arlen on Acid (Dialog) (Arlen) (1:18)

8. Otherness (Black Mustang's Frozen Moon Jam) (Chilled By Nature) (9:14)

9. Strange Isn't It? (Dialog) (Arlen) (0:15)

10. All the Colours of the Dark (Federale) (3:55)

11. Heart (Darkside) (4:58)

12. Cows Stand in Their Shit (Dialog) (The Dream) (0:54)

13. Fifty on Our Foreheads (White Lies) (4:20)

14. Lostfound (Francis Harris & Gry Bagøien) (7:35)

15. All That She Wants (Ace of Base) (3:30)

The Bad Batch Soundtrack Various Artists


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