Monday, March 11, 2013

EVIL DEAD 2 and EVIL DEAD 4 in the Works

Evil Dead Remake

I honestly had no hope that Fede Alvarez could pull off a solid remake of Sam Raimi's classic "Evil Dead". I was wrong. Early reviews have been overly enthusiastic and credit Alvarez with the achievements of both paying respect to Raimi's original and giving fans a fresh new approach to the franchise. If the box-office ends up confirming the hype, Alvarez could be on his way to directing a sequel.

Bruce Campbell Evil Dead
With early reviews being so positive and everyone waiting for a sequel to be announced for the remake, nobody was expecting Sam Raimi to come out and say that he will be working on "Evil Dead 4" this summer. As I read the news, I was almost sure that Alvarez and his remake would be sidelined to make room for Raimi's sequel. But, it seems that is not the case, either.

Evil Dead Bruce Campbell
In a recent interview, Fede Alvarez confirmed that they are working on "Evil Dead 2", but that they are in a very early stage with it and it's going to be entirely original, unrelated to the original films. In the end, he said, it depends on where the story goes and if they can agree on it. I personally think Alvarez has a good shot of directing the sequel in the end. He also went on to confirm that Raimi is serious about doing "Evil Dead 4" and he will be bringing Bruce Campbell back as Ash. Here are some fragments from the interview:
"I think it’s going to depend on where we take it. Right now, we just got to write it. For me, it’s if we manage to agree, but we’re just starting to build a story and figure out what kind of movie it’s going to be, and it depends on what it is. It depends on the story we find, because personally, I think it has to shock everybody. It has to go to a different place just like Army of Darkness did with Evil Dead 2. It has to do that switch that every Evil Dead movie did with the previous one.

Well, right now you have to create something different and completely new. And it’s exciting for me because in a long time, this, the new one—the next one—is going to be a completely new, fresh, 100% original, you bet. Because this one has so many ties to the first one that at the end of the day, being what it is, it’s like a sound of the original movie. But this next one, it’s not a remake of Evil Dead 2. It’s something completely new and different. I’m so excited to see where that’s going to go.

He wants to do it [Sam Raimi]. I can tell you that because we’ve talked about it. He wants to try and find the best movie to do it. He has a story, he pitched it to me about what he wants to do with Bruce and Ash on Evil Dead 4. It’s definitely something he wants to do. At the end of the day, bringing this saga back to life is the best way to do it. And look, they don’t call him “The Master” just because."


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