Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trailer and 4 Clips from AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT

Salma Hayek in As Luck Would Have It

The first trailer and 4 clips from the satirical drama "As Luck Would Have It" have been released. The film, directed by Alex de la Iglesia ("The Day of the Beast") and starring Jose Mota and Salma Hayek, tells the story of an unemployed publicist who suffers and accident and tries to sell the exclusive interview rights for his ordeal to the highest bidder in an attempt to provide for his family. It's obviously not an easy film to stomach, but if a good satire is what you're looking for, this might be worth a look. It kind of reminds me of the 2001 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film, "No Man's Land" (directed by Danis Tanovic). That one is definitely a must-see as well.

Watch the trailer and clips after the jump.

Official Synopsis

As Luck Would Have It Poster
"Roberto (famed Spanish comic José Mota) once had a promising careers in advertising. But now out of work during the economic downturn, he struggles to keep his family afloat and their dire situation a secret from his adoring wife Luisa (Salma Hayek). After yet another dead end interview, it seems like reality will come crashing down on Roberto - until a freak car accident places him at the center of a wild media storm. Realizing his opportunity, Roberto hires a brazen agent to help him leverage his new found fame into fortune, but Luisa begins to worry about what lengths Roberto will go to for his family's security. The new film from beloved cult director Alex de la Iglesia goes into fresh territory for the daring director, a dark comedy/social satire that also works as a deeply felt drama about the devotion of a husband and father. A wild riff on manhood in the modern media world, As Luck Would Have It is a skewed take on the strange world we live in."


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